Zaggora The BIG Scam!
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A new trend for companies selling exercise clothing is the promise to customers that wearing their clothing during exercise will make them slimmer and make that awful cellulite disappear. This claim is very appealing to those constantly struggling with weight loss and the presence of cellulite. However, this reminds me of the claim that most companies producing diet pills like to use. They always state that “you will see quick weight loss and fast results by using our product WITH regular exercise and a healthy diet”. So is the pill making you lose weight? Or is it the regular exercise and a healthy diet and the pills are there just so the company can make money?

For all of these companies their one goal is to, of course, sell their product. Zaggora claims to have had research done on their HotPants product. However there is no link or reference where the customers can go to verify that this research is valid and credible. There is mention of one person who came up with these HotPants. Her name is Dessi Bell, an ex-Investment Banker. I think the average person would find this product a little more believable if there was mention of someone with a PhD or credible degree in a field related to the purpose of the product. The claims seem loosely worded with a lot of blurred lines and “facts” that run together making it almost confusing.

Zaggora gives us the impression that just by wearing their pants that the fat under your skin will start going away. The Official Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine did a study on the effect of exercise on the loss of subcutaneous fat, meaning fat under the skin. The results stated exercise temporarily makes the skin tighter, making it appear like there is less fat. However it has not been proven that there is actually a reduced amount of fat under the skin (Kostek, 2007). Zaggora gives off the impression to customers that they will be “sweating away their fat”, which has never been scientifically proven as a method of fat loss.

The website did provide statistics from the studies they say they have done. It struck me as odd that they had such small participant numbers in these studies. It’s known that the more participants you have, the smaller your margin of error will be making your results more valid. All of the studies had between 10 and 60 participants which would tell us that there is probably a margin of error no less than about 14%. YIKES! The larger the margin of error, the less confident we should be that the results are accurate. That doesn’t make this product seem very promising.

On the website it states that “the use of a Zaggora top and bottom during exercise, at an appropriate level of intensity and while remaining hydrated, may help to increase both body temperature generation and the rate of calorie burn”. This is a perfect example of what I meant by loose claims. They are basically saying our product will help you do these things BUT you have to also do these other things for it to work the “best”. Another thing that turned me off from this company was their. It states “all items must be returned unused and in their original condition”. Are they serious?? Not to mention, I had to search thoroughly through the terms and conditions to find this statement. This is one more reason I’m thinking Zaggora just wants to make some money with their HotPants. How are you going to know if this product actually works without wearing them? They obviously don’t care if you feel their product actually works, they have already have your money. This company is also heavily involved with social media. They have the little Twitter and Facebook icons all over their website. Oh and let’s not forget their long list of press that their product has been mentioned by.

I would say that Zaggora HotPants are more of a hoax than a promise. I think as a person trying to lose weight, you would be better off spending your time and money on a healthy, well-rounded diet and engaging in regular exercise. As far as workout clothes, I would go with what your comfortable working out in and spend your money on that. Regular exercise and a healthy diet are the two most promising solutions to weight loss and getting rid of that cellulite we all know and love.

written by Julie Johnson, East Carolina University Nutrition Science Student Intern

Sources from trianglediet

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